Become a distributor of your successes with IOCA Group


The medal, the most valuable title you can achieve, is that others consider you a good human being for the quality and impact of your actions. That is the essence of the IOCA Group ambassador program. If your purpose is to leave a mark, if you are a committed person and capable of taking action to generate transformations, perhaps we can make a good team.

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Become a distributor of your successes with IOCA Group


Luis Aguilar

Panamanian photographer and videographer, he is also a renowned promoter of events related to hip hop culture. He has a degree in Computer Science.

"Having the unconditional support of the IOCA Group, with their trust and having a voice and a vote in the events of my country is something that I do with pride, it is a part of me."

Daniel Fabrega

Panamanian professional kartist. He began competing at the age of 7 and today he does so with great detail in the highest professional category, known as Kz.

"Athletes need permanent unconditional support and that is what I receive from the IOCA Group as its ambassador. It is the best thing that has happened to me."

Lucy Chemier

Born in France and based in Panama. She is a longboard competitor, she is passionate about culinary arts, travel and, especially, photography and image.

"It's fantastic to be part of this great family where everyone is different, everyone does something they love, but in the end we all share something in common."

Marisa Mendez

Guatemalan cyclist. She is the first athlete of that nationality to win a medal in a BMX event, at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

"Having the necessary support from large companies and being able to focus on your results is a great motivation thanks to IOCA Group."

Marie Droz

French based in Panama, she is one of the most representative figures of surfing in Latin America. She national champion of the junior category.

"No matter where we are from or what sport we play, at IOCA we are a family. We always support each other with good vibes."

Saimel Pacheco

MC (Master of Ceremony) known in the field of freestyle and rap as Shield Master. Winner of the Red Bull National Battle of the Dominican Republic in 2018.

"I have the privilege of not only being an ambassador of the IOCA Group, but also a user of its products such as Bevu bottles or Skullkandy headphones. It is an honor for me."


He was born in Colombia and his family emigrated to Costa Rica fleeing violence. She is a digital creator who promotes tourism, care for the environment and nature.

"Transmitting a message that raises awareness in other people is a privilege and a responsibility that I enjoy as an ambassador of the IOCA Group."


Hardly anyone knows this freestyle exponent by his first name: David Gonzales. Creator of Tee, an urban clothing brand for young people, and of Planetconca.

"This link with the brand has allowed me to be more visible and have the opportunity to meet more artists. In addition, the products are very good."


In the world of rap and freestyle he is known as Mxrea. He was champion of the Battle of Masters (BDM) of Guatemala, his country of origin, in 2016 and 2017.

"It has helped me in many ways, especially because it has given me the possibility to transmit my message to other people."

ireul santiago

He is a Panamanian graphic creator (specialized in corporate image), photographer and cultural manager. Promoter of hip hop culture, passionate about dancing.

"That's great! You know you can be yourself and you're part of a family that has your back and supports your ideas."