Why, and how, proper logistics is your company's best ally

The detailed identification of orders, a pillar of logistics.

In a globalized world, like the one we live in today, logistics is not only a differential, but a factor that determines the success or failure of a company. It is a set of diverse actions, each carried out by specialized teams, through which the supply of raw materials and products is guaranteed until they reach the hands of the final consumer.

As you can imagine, it is a long chain that includes challenges that are not always easy to manage, to control. The irony is that when logistics works, the customer does not perceive it; in fact, he assumes that this web of actions works "to perfection". However, if something goes wrong, if the logistics are not adequate, the customer will notice and suffer.

In the past, in the last century, logistics was one of many tasks that companies carried out behind the scenes, without their customers noticing. It was not given the importance it has, to the point that it was assimilated that logistics consisted solely of the storage of goods and in the distribution of these, in guaranteeing that it reached the hands of the consumer.

Today, however, Due to competition, globalization and consumer habits, logistics has become a specialty. If a company aspires to be competitive in the market, in any industry and regardless of what it sells, it needs to pass the logistics course. Otherwise, the Sharks of the competition will devour it.

Before, when it came to logistics, what mattered was volume. Today, on the other hand, what is most valuable, what is most appreciated by the customer, is detail. Or the set of details, to be more exact. Why? Because the proper management of these details It is not only reflected in a sale, but especially in the satisfaction of the client, in that he buys from you again. The bottom line is that your company can be recognized, you can offer quality products and/or services at a good price, and that also meet the needs/desires of your customers. Nevertheless, if logistics fail, your business will collapse like a fragile house of cards. And you will not only lose your clients, but also your money, your time, your work.

Today, what the customer appreciates the most is all the details that are part of proper logistics management, which is not only reflected in a sale, but especially in customer satisfaction, in buying from you again.

The keys to proper logistics

Therefore, it is essential to consider all the links that make up the business logistics chain:

1.- Inventory and storage control.
The container crisis, a collateral effect of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, demonstrated the fragility of the supply chain. It is a challenge that has not only given many great headaches, but whose consequences have been transferred to the final consumer. in the form of scarcity of raw materials and/or products and, worst of all, higher costs.

Having the right inventory today is essential for any company or business, without this meaning storing more products than are convenient or references that are not sold. The complicated thing, in this subject, is that there are no absolute truths: each business, each company, has to determine its formula and develop the ability to be flexible.

2.- Safe and effective transportation.
In September 2020, moving a shipment from China to the United States cost an average of $4.500. A year later, the cost nearly quintupled to $20.615. The reason? The aforementioned container crisis, which In simple words, it is nothing more than the unusual scarcity of space available to transport tons of goods. from Asia to the West.

Where are the containers? Stranded in ports in Europe and America, due to the restrictions imposed by governments due to COVID-19. Also, the restrictions imposed on Chinese ports, as well as the typhoons that affect this country, have contributed to aggravate the problem. Without safe and effective transportation, logistics do not work.

3.- The monitoring system.
A subject that many companies have not passed and the reason why the competition steals their customers. Today, thanks to the powerful tools provided by technology, it is possible to track the status of your product in real time.. Although you cannot control the entire process, you can implement palliative measures.

For example? Inform your customer that there was a delay and, if possible, determine the estimated time in which he will receive his order. Since it is a complex process that involves many people in different activities, the key to success is coordination and communication, strategies whose effectiveness depends on the quality of the information that you own.

4.- Reverse logistics.
It is, basically, the set of processes that guarantee the return of the merchandise and the adequate execution of the guarantees. In the current business scenario, no matter what you do or what you sell, trust and credibility are crucial values. to establish a long-term relationship with your customers, to get them to buy from you again and again.

Precisely for this reason, if you do not fulfill what you promise, if you are not able to honor the expected guarantees, the trust that the market has placed in you disappears and your credibility is diluted like foam on beer. Lack of effective reverse logistics will result in dissatisfied customers and, surely you know, that is the worst business.

7 keys to successful business logistics

7 keys to successful business logistics:

1.- Availability of the correct product. You do not need a wide variety of the same product, but rather the one that you already know is of interest to your customers, the one that will allow inventory rotation

2.- Correct quantities. Goods stored in the warehouse are a lost profit, a sin that in the modern world of business is paid dearly. Less is sometimes more.

3.- Correct conditions. Nothing worse than exhibiting a product that is not 100 points, because the client will reject it and, in addition, a bad impression will be formed. Presentation is crucial.

4.- Correct place. In this matter we are specialists in IOCA GROUP and we are ready to help you. The best product, exhibited in a bad place, does not sell. Don't make that mistake!

5.- The correct time. Time is money, and what happened during this container crisis has painfully reminded us of that. Bad logistics will waste your time and money.

6.- The correct client. Another aspect in which many businesses fail, especially because they do not know their client or their needs and tastes or because they want “sell to everyone”.

7.- The correct cost. It is the most volatile factor in the chain, but it can still be controlled. That is the task of proper logistics. It is linked to the quality and functionality of the product.

En IOCA GROUP We know that you need to display your products immediately after receiving them and, therefore, we implement a system that allows us to deliver them ready to be put on the shelf. What does that mean? Identified, in your language, with the corresponding barcode and, best of all, with an Onboarding Manual in the store for proper integration with the environment.


The success or failure of a company or business today is largely determined by the quality of the logistics it has implemented.. Especially in times of uncertainty and volatility in the market, good logistics is your best ally. Without it, you run the risk of running out of available inventory and, therefore, you will not be able to meet the needs of your customers.

And, if you can't do it, the effect will be inevitable: you will lose them. Likewise, good logistics will avoid terrible headaches due to actions that you can control, such as the payment of freight, nationalization of merchandise and, in particular, that they be delivered to you at the agreed time and conditions so that you can offer them to your customers as soon as possible.

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