Do you know applied artificial intelligence?

Discover 6 uses of AI that you can give it in your company or business:

"Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true" is a phrase that grandmothers used to say, especially on those occasions when emotions dominate us. For years, or decades?, we human beings have delighted in watching robots and other marvels of technology in action in science fiction series and movies: we longed to enjoy them in person.

Well, much sooner than we thought, that moment arrived. However, and this is one of those circumstances that are difficult to explain, the emergence of robots, chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) did not bring us the happiness we expected. In fact, for ordinary people, for most people, they are something invasive that has generated rejection.

A good part of the responsibility for this bad experience lies with social networks, on the one hand, and various entities that we constantly have to deal with, such as banks and state-owned companies. Why? Because the quality of the experience they give us is not good. In the case of the latter, it is obnoxious, impersonalized and, worst of all, it almost never stirs up problems.

We would be wrong, however, to demonize these formidable advances in technology that, when used well, are excellent allies for companies and users. The problem is that we are left with the tip of the iceberg, not realizing that below the surface there is more, much more. And that more is incredibly powerful and that, likewise, it gives us great benefits.

Part of the problem is that perhaps we don't know for sure what artificial intelligence is. In simple words, it is the combination of big data analysis, what we know as big data, and automation. Rather, they are data that, interpreted in the right way, allow us to obtain valuable information to convert it into actions.

What many people do not know, or have forgotten, is that It is not something new, in the strict sense of the word. Why? It is something that has been done for a long time. only now it is no longer a task for humans, but for machines. Just like in science fiction movies! The difference is that monstrous volumes of information are now being analyzed and processed.

In the past, in the last century, this task was done manually. It was, for example, what was done with telephone or door-to-door surveys. to meet the needs of users. That information was then tabulated, first by hand and then in Excel tables, to extract the important information. It was a risky method, with a high margin of error.

Also, expensive, because it involved many people, and time consuming. However, at that time there was no other option, there were no more tools available. Today, however, most of the information is collected without having to lift a finger: through the Internet. Because there, on the net, that "Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God" becomes a reality.

Everything, absolutely everything you do or publish on the internet, is recorded. Even if you delete it later, it will always remain somewhere, in the dark depths of the web. And even the most innocent click, including one that you have given by mistake, is registered. That is precisely the starting point of AI: measure trends, determine behaviors.

Well then, AI is applicable to different tasks and departments of a company: sales, product design, production, training, personnel selection, customer service, in short. In fact, there are many businesses, small, medium and large, that have been using AI for a long time and are reaping great benefits. The restaurant industry is a clear example.

If you are a user of Apple products, you surely enjoy Siri, your voice assistant, which performs various tasks on all devices. That is artificial intelligence: Instead of executing some actions with your fingers or the mouse, Siri does it for you through your voice. At first glance it seems like a simple child's game, but behind the scenes it is much more than that.

The recommendations that Netflix makes to you, if you have a subscription to this service, are also based on AI. There is a powerful software that stores and records information about the movies and series you watch and then suggests similar ones for you. It avoids you searching or, worse, missing them, thanks to the fact that there is a robot that is aware of your preferences 24/7/365.

Now, it is very likely that you ask yourself “Why should I use artificial intelligence in my business or company?”. There are two very powerful reasons: the first, because your competition probably already uses it; the second, because it is the largest and most reliable source of quality information. And you know, surely, that whoever has the information, has the power...

What is this information for? To execute one of the most difficult actions that entrepreneurs face: making the right decisions. The great advantage of the information that arises from AI is that it allows you to make conscious and, above all, rational decisions, that is, without the help of capricious and mischievous emotions. A whole revolution!

For years, for example, personnel selection companies support their processes with the information provided by the AI. One of them is Deloitte, which also uses it in the training of its employees. It is not that the robots have completely replaced the human beings who used to do this work, but rather that it helps them, provides them with invaluable support.

In terms of saving time, saving money, precision of information, fidelity of data, dispassionate interpretation. Again: the margin of error is reduced considerably. Of course, you know how costly a small misinterpretation of required purchasing volume or inventory can cost a business.

The fundamental premise to determine if your business or company needs the application of AI is to know if there are repetitive behaviors or behaviors. An example: a call center receives hundreds or thousands of calls daily, but many of them seek the same answer. If so, if at least 40% of queries point to the same thing, then AI is relevant.

Another convenient scenario for real intelligence is those businesses where decisions are made in real time. For the human being, it is practically impossible to collect and process data at that speed and, above all, with such accuracy. The key to success is setting a specific goal before implementing this powerful technology.

What do you want to measure, interpret or achieve? More profitable customers? Higher sales volume? Raise the satisfaction rate of your customers? Reduce inventory? Predict the peak demand for the next semester? Lower production and/or operating costs? Once you set the target, you can tell if that's a suitable scenario for the AI.

Artificial intelligence: the valuable (and powerful) is what you do not see

These are some of the real uses that you can give AI in your company or business:

1.- Know your client.
Human beings, don't forget, we are creatures of habit. We execute the same actions over and over again, a thousand and one times. AI gives you the possibility to discover patterns that, manually, are practically imperceptible. You will be surprised by the amount of data and valuable information that it gives you just by analyzing what it does when it visits your website.

2.- Predict sales.
Human beings, all of us, would love to have the superpower to predict the future, to anticipate it. In business, this is already a reality thanks to AI. How? Through monitoring the behavior of the market, of a specific segment of the market (for example, women between 20 and 35 years old). They are the recognized trends.

3.- Prescribe strategies.
That prediction of “You are going to sell more this year” was buried in the past, obsolete. Today, thanks to AI, what is fashionable is to determine what kind of products or services are going to sell more depending on the customers that a business or company has, and their behavior. This information is not only very powerful, but also very valuable: it tells you what you should invest in.

4.- Detect new clients.
More customers, the blessed obsession of so many in the market. A dream that AI makes come true and with a plus: not just more customers, but better customers. How does he do it? Collecting the data of your behavior on the internet, classifying and interpreting information. Thus, it notices trends, anticipates the wishes of these people and to give them what they want.

5.- Patterns of recommendations.
This is one of the basic tasks of the hated (and hateful) algorithms of social networks. Depending on the publications you make, which ones you like, which people or companies you follow, it recommends similar ones. And in the same way, it gives access to your publications to your friends and acquaintances who in the past have shown interest in a specific topic.

As you can see, on the subject of artificial intelligence, the portion of the iceberg that is submerged is very large, that you do not see. There are many other powerful uses and applications, some just in the making, and many more to come in the future. Therefore, do not hate robots for the Terminator syndrome: rather, learn about it, implement it, use it and, above all, make it profitable.

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