Being extraordinary is the purpose that guides us

The easiest way out, perhaps, would have been to throw in the towel. Slam the door, blame the pandemic and put an end to a dream that began back in 1980. It was a different world, a different scenario, a different market, but the dream remains the same, it is intact. For this reason, perhaps, the option of throwing in the towel, of slamming the door, was never considered. 

Sometimes, many times, life sends us messages that human beings are not capable of interpreting, or we do it in the wrong way. When circumstances are adverse, when we don't get the result we expect, when the outlook turns dark, we interpret it as difficulties, but they are really opportunities valuable, unique 

Like so many people in the world, like so many companies and businesses, the pandemic put us against the wall. It goes without saying that we were not prepared to face a situation like this, chaotic and extreme. We were flying high, placidly, and from one moment to another it was as if the balloon had been punctured, and it began to fall vertiginously. 

Sometimes, many times, human beings need to fall into hell to realize that we live in a paradise. The pandemic confronted us with the worst case scenario, one that, of course, we had never imagined. Nevertheless, that crisis soon turned into a opportunity, in a challenge that we assume with joy and responsibility, with enthusiasm and passion. 

And, of course, with a lot of fear and uncertainty. It makes no sense to deny it. Fear and uncertainty that, instead of paralyzing us, served as the fuel that helped us face this mysterious enemy. The irony is that at first we believed that the enemy it was COVID-19, but we soon realized that it was really within ourselves. 

It manifested itself in various ways: fear of change, fear of taking on the challenges that life put in our way, fear of failing, fear of being overwhelmed by circumstances, fear of the situation becoming unsustainable. Fear that this dream forged more than 40 years ago would collapse and so many employees would be left without a livelihoodSo many beautiful families. 

“Even if you are afraid, do it the same. You are doomed to learn. This is a phrase from the Spanish psychologist and technical industrial engineer Enric Corbera Sastre, author of books like The art of unlearning, Crisis: are you ready to grow?, The art of listening to the body y Bioneuroemoción: a method for emotional well-being o reset your mind, among others. 

Throughout this process, the fear has not disappeared. Perhaps it was transformed, perhaps as the virus mutated, but it has not disappeared. However, the learning has been wonderful. Without a doubt, he has been worth it. Each and every one of the days and minutes that this situation has lasted. A lesson that has also made us better people, a better company. 

Facundo Cabral, renowned Argentine singer-songwriter, He used to start his recitals with a phrase that perfectly reflects this process: “It was not easy to get here”, He said, in reference to so many difficulties he faced in his life. His father abandoned them when he was a boy and his mother passed away and he was left unprotected. Despite everything, he learned to live his way, and he was happy. 

Thanks to the work, effort and passion of all the people who make up the family of IOCA Group, we managed to overcome this difficulty and move on. We transform, diversify and multiply to provide more and better services to our clients, we strengthen to be the ideal strategic allies for those who trust us. 

Welcome, and thanks for coming this far. we learned that "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and this critical situation caused by the coronavirus strengthened us. We are prepared for this new reality that imposes exciting challenges, incredible challenges and commitments that honor us. We want to continue being a source of positive transformations. 

be extraordinary It is the purpose that guides us, the task that occupies us and motivates us each and every day of our lives.. In the past we helped other companies to become their best version and now, leveraging the superpowers of digital strategies, tools and internet resources, we reiterate and renew our commitment. 

If you already knew us, it is an honor that you continue to be part of the family of IOCA Group. If you just met us, welcome to our community. Together we're invincible! Make it known that this is just the beginning, the first step of a long road that we hope to travel by your side.. We are convinced that the best is yet to come and we are ready to enjoy it with you.



Welcome and thanks for being here!

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