Advantages of AI and Big Data in wholesale distribution

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In the XNUMXst century, success in the business world is no longer a matter of reason (head) or heart, as it was in the past. Now what it's all about is information. The more you know about the market, the more specific and detailed the analysis you can make of it., the more you know about your customer's behavior and needs, the greater your success.

“Whoever has the information, has the power” is a phrase attributed to David Hume, a XNUMXth-century Scottish philosopher, historian, and economist. A premise that, contrary to what one might imagine, becomes relevant over time. And more so in current times, in which, thanks to the Internet and technology, information is a good for humanity.

For many years, in IOCA Group leader in wholesale, we did business in the same way as the vast majority of the market: based on intuition, on the one hand, and on experience, on the other. The intuition that arose from the heart, from the desire to satisfy the needs of our clients, to become their best choice. Sometimes, many times, those hunches were good.

The experience, meanwhile, was the result of that old premise of try and failure. That left us great lessons, valuable learning, but it also caused us big headaches. Acquiring that experience was sometimes difficult and painful, but there was no other way to go. Fortunately, the internet has provided us with many powerful tools.

One of the main features of this technology, perhaps you know, is that any click you make is recorded. Every action, every web page you visit, every email you send, every advertisement you consult, in short. And the best, do you know what the best is? That each click brings information. About what? Of their behavior, tastes, needs, desires...

An example: one day, out of curiosity, you click on an ad for clothing or sports shoes. You don't buy, you just explore. Immediately, every time you open the internet, be it a web page or social networks, you will be invaded (literally) by advertising for that product. Why? Because the algorithm detected that you have an interest and wants to give you what you want.

Other: sometimes, Facebook offers us to share a memory, a post from previous years. Sometimes, they are publications that we would prefer to delete, perhaps because they bring back negative, painful memories., or because it is an opinion of which we are ashamed today. However, since you once uploaded it to the web, the record will remain there (even if you delete it).

Of course, the true value of data is behind the scenes. The best, do you know what the best is? That you don't need to know programming, or have graduated as an engineer, because technology today offers us two powerful tools: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big data. They are concepts that have been known for years, but have recently gained relevance.

AI refers, in simple terms, to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence and perform certain tasks easily, quickly, effectively and more cheaply. Especially those that are repetitive. This information helps us make decisions, solve problems, learn and, importantly, predict trends and behaviors.

Multiple benefits

AI refers, in simple terms, to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence and perform certain tasks easily, quickly, effectively, and more cheaply. Especially those that are repetitive. That information helps us make decisions, solve problems, learn and, importantly, predict trends and behaviors.

Some examples of AI are mobile facial detection applications, virtual voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa, the bots that respond to us or chat with us on web pages, or essentially most apps on our digital devices. And every day they cover more tasks, more fields: transport, education, health, culture, commerce...

Meanwhile, Big data (or macro data or massive data) is the volume of information received by businesses (companies of all types and sizes) every day. It was the information that in the past we collected and processed through complex spreadsheets (Excel), but with a significant margin of error. In addition, it was not fast and the support of an expert was required.

Thanks to Big data technology, you can properly create and manage a large database or, better, relate two or more of them. Thus, you get accurate statistics They provide you with quality information. Today, for example, professional sports (baseball, soccer, cycling) are one of the most important clients of Big data, which helps to detect what needs to be improved.

Why does your business require the help of Big data? Because it gives you information that would otherwise cost you too much (and a lot of time) to obtain, or you simply don't get. It reduces costs, helps make decisions (better and faster) and, something very valuable, allows you to predict what the interests of the market are to develop new products and services.

tourism, health, retail, advertising (not only digital) and industry (in general) are sectors that today benefit from the use of Big data. At IOCA Group we not only like the wholesale, but also AI and Big data, because they are tools that allow us to transfer the benefits to our clients. How? Giving them the ability to take control of their inventories or sales.

But not only that. With our guide, you will be able to adjust inventories (merchandise turnover) to the current needs of your customers and, very importantly, to market dynamics. Thus, inventory rotation ceases to be a headache, costs are reduced and, best of all, you can concentrate on what really interests you: providing quality service to your customer.

For years, many years, human beings learned to do business based on the heart and reason (head). With the irruption of technology, with the digital revolution, however, it is no longer possible or convenient. To be able to give customers what they want, to satisfy their needs, requires the support of gifted.


You can continue doing business the same way you always did, the way it was done in the XNUMXth century or even more than a decade ago. However, you should also know that this way your results will be limited and, worst of all, the competition will take your customers. It will sooner or later because you won't be able to give them what they want.

Or, rather, if you prefer, you can contact us to begin the process of transforming your business with AI and Big data.. This, we have verified, is the right way to break the ties that prevent you from growing and advancing and, what interests you most, sell more. Today, the heart and the reason (head) of success are provided by technology.

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