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Backbone It's everything gamers have been waiting for, taking their gaming experience everywhere and being able to choose from thousands of options wherever they are. It is enough to place the mobile iOs or Android in the controller BackboneOne, open the Backbone app and you can start playing your favorite mobile, console or PC games from anywhere, in seconds.

What happens when you are sitting in a cable car on the way to the top of a mountain where you are going to snowboard and your cell phone rings while you listen to music?

A chaotic scenario served Rick Alden to create Skullcandy, the brand that modernized and transformed the headphones industry, with high-fidelity products that are at the everyone's reach.

Gunnar It came about in 2006, at the initiative of Matt Michelsen and his wife Jennifer, who partnered with optical engineer Joe Croft to produce these lenses.

The gunnar glasses, are the only ones with patented technology for use with video games and computers, which are also recommended by doctors to protect and improve vision.

In 1942, in the deepest forest of Småland (Sweden), Thule was founded by Erik Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors. Throughout eight decades, this company has been characterized by its devotion to innovation in the development of backpacks, suitcases and transport and adventure equipment. Thanks to its good work, it is considered a benchmark in its sector with a worldwide presence. Thule stands for avant-garde products for demanding users.

life is an adventure that Thule is taken very seriously. It happens when passion turns into innovative, high-quality products.

brusheez, a brand committed to creating oral hygiene products safe and effective that help children develop good dental habits that last a lifetime.

All Brusheez products meet the highest quality standards to give kids an effective yet gentle clean. They are CPSIA approved, food safe and backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.

Bentgo is the best-selling container and lunch box brand across retail and digital channels, its unique, practical and fun designs have helped the brand become a benchmark among health-conscious consumers.

Unmatched quality in its certified products with quality controls and compliance with current regulations.

Located in the heart of Europe's 'Silicon Valley', ZENS emerged in Brainport Eindhoven, home to some of the world's most trusted tech experts, thinkers, entrepreneurs and collaborating minds. the specialty of ZENS is the design and production of novel solutions for wireless charging, created under the premise of environmental sustainability. It is a strategic ally of brands like Apple, an unquestionable letter of introduction.

Solutions for the future, today. To be connected all the time, anywhere, and without suffering from lack of battery in the devices.

In 1984, on one of his trips to the snowy peaks of Colorado, Jamie Temple decided to design two cases to protect his audio cassettes. So, unintentionally, CASE LOGIC, a leading and benchmark company that stands out for its innovative spirit. During this time, it has remained at the forefront in the development of backpacks, cases and bags, for safe transport and easy access. CASE LOGIC It is part of the THULE group, with presence and sales all over the world.

When the passion for music runs through your veins, you want your favorite songs to accompany you everywhere. CASE LOGIC makes it easy for you.

Today, digital devices are not just an accessory: they are an integral part of our personality, an extension of who we are and what we do. That's why, NCO developed a variety of premium quality accessories for Apple products.

This brand created in 2012 offers a range of alternatives that combines protection and style. The perfect couple!

Since 2010, Pure Enrichment offers a diverse line of top quality products that are intended to improve your life, to provide you with true well-being. How? Putting within your reach healthy habits such as aromatherapy and relaxation, But also cosmetic care and effective purification systems. This brand has made a healthy and balanced lifestyle a passion that motivates it to provide solutions to the fundamental needs of its customers.

A healthy lifestyle is not a privilege or a trend, but a necessity. The products of Pure Enrichment makes your life easier, makes it better.

During a surf trip in Australia and Indonesia, American Nick Woodman, also a skier and motor enthusiast, discovered that he was not the only one who did not have a way to record his adventures. This is how it came about GoPro, in 2002, offering a variety of cameras, apps and accessories geared towards capturing life's adventure Live. Since then, millions of fans of adrenaline and extreme sports share their experiences.

GoPro has sold more than 26 million cameras in more than 100 countries, where users freely enjoy their passion while saving it for posterity.

The sea and all the species that live there need us. After exploring various options, Ana María Carrasco found an effective alternative in 2017: BEVU®, creating a line of high tech bottles designed to replace single-use plastic containers. This brand combines quality with vision and values. 

It collaborates with communities and support groups for the environment, through the cleaning of beaches, mountains and environmental education programs.

Share with the world what you are passionate about, shout what excites you. Wherever you are,ECOXGEARmakes it possible. Since 2006, this brand offers audio devicesthat solve the most common problems when you are away from home: they are 100% waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and meet high quality standards.Make the sound an unforgettable experience outdoors, in the marina or on the golf course. Wherever you are.

With you wherever you want. Under that premise, ECOXGEAR has developed a variety of quality audio devices to enjoy your music anywhere.

When being first ceases to be an obsession and becomes a purpose, what you dream of is possible. Created in 1979 and based in Scotts Valley (California), Seagate has left a mark of innovation in the design and production of hardware for the technology industry, to the point of being recognized in 2006 as the Company of the Year, by the prestigious Forbes magazine. its uunits of external drive or solid state and portable-type backups are a guarantee of security.

Tech giants Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Play Station) and Samsung chose Seagate as your strategic ally. This, of course, is no accident.

The privileged members of the community osix they live in urban environments, but within them burns the fire of adventure. They are bodies with a desire to explore, to go beyond the established limits. Natural spaces, where they can recharge their energy and enjoy contact with nature, are their habitat. The brand's values ​​are inspired by sports, healthy and harmonious living, caring for the environment and a lifestyle that promotes personal development.

If you are capable of overcoming yourself, of challenging yourself and imposing more ambitious goals, you share the values OSIX WEAR: you have a free spirit, rebellious.

From the grasslands of northern Peru, where it is harvested by hand to prevent damage to its long fiber, Pima cotton gives life to beautiful garments from the world's leading clothing brands. Since 2012, ANATAG developed a line focused on providing the user with comfort and style. Their socks stand out for their design and aesthetics, inspired by Latin American indigenous tribes, especially the Venezuelan Wayú. This brand has sponsored sporting events in the US, such as Woodapaloza and Miami Marathon, in 2019.

By design, quality and comfort, the socks ANATAG they are not an ordinary garment, but a pillar of your style, a hallmark of your personality.


Breaking barriers and imposing your own style is the dream of many brands and the pride of a few. WIZZ WEAR, created in 2014, is one of them. Its products combine the unique and original design of Venezuelan, Panamanian, Dominican and Spanish artists, a unique sample of creativity that stands out by virtue of the quality of the clothing and the materials. Originality, spirit of freedom and authenticity, the values ​​that the market has welcomed with great interest.

The urban essence does not conflict with the Caribbean feeling, as evidenced by the products of WIZZ WEAR. Quality with style, a powerful mix.