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Human capital: the safest and most profitable investment

We focus on results, but we don't know how to produce those results. It is a paradox of the human being, in any area of ​​life, but especially in the workplace. Why does this happen? Because We tend to let ourselves be carried away by the current, we hope that life, in its free will, will take us by the hand to achieve everything we long for.

However, this is not the case. It almost never happens like that. One day, after a long time of allowing ourselves to be dragged, we realize that we are far from where we wanted to be. And, perhaps, we are in a place where we did not want to be. And we'd like to turn back time and correct the mistakes we've made, but we know that's not possible and we're sorry.

Sadly, this is a situation that not only happens to individuals, but also to companies, to organizations of any size. We live more of illusions than achievements and, therefore, we are frustrated by what we receive. In other words, we want to get from point A to point B in one step, trying to avoid the inevitable process.

The business world is something very similar to a jungle: there are beasts of various species, predators lying in wait for potential victims. Especially in these times of constant change, of crisis, in which only a few are able to overcome difficulties and move forward. Companies and their employees need to contribute a plus so as not to disappear.

One of the ideas that has made a career in recent years is that according to which the heart of the digital age, of the technological revolution, are the powerful tools that exist. The truth is that they are very important, they have changed our lives and many of our habits, but they are not the heart, they are not the differential factor. They are just one crucial component.

What makes organizations, companies different; what makes them successful is not the technology, it is not the product or service they offer to the market. So what is it? Its people, the people who make up those organizations, those companies. They are the ones who write those stories of success or failure, which can really make a difference.

This is an increasingly palpable reality. However, from saying to doing there is a long way. What does that mean? That companies and organizations continue to invest in technology and forget the most important thing: their people. In the end, when the results do not occur, when the competition surpasses them, they do not understand what happened.

It seems like a paradox, but it is not: the most valuable asset of a company, on or off the internet, no matter what you do, whether you sell a product or a service, it's your people. Every dollar you invest in technology will be a waste if there is no correlation with your people, that is, if you do not also invest in your employees, in their knowledge, in their preparation.

In the midst of the digital age, consumers want to take advantage of the advantages that technology offers them. Nevertheless, There is one condition: that the relationship of exchange of benefits is between humans, not between humans and machines. Behind each professional, each employee, there is a human being: polish the human and you will achieve an excellent professional performance.

Investing in people, in human capital, in people's potential, is, according to the World Bank, “the most profitable long-term investment for countries and companies. It will be reflected in a better quality of life, in prosperity, in greater production, in better results”. The priority is to prepare the workforce to respond to today's demands.

The present (we must not wait for the future) imposes exciting challenges on us. Not only do we have to unlearn and relearn, develop new skills and know how to adapt to changing market conditions, but also to respond with excellence to the challenges that new consumers impose on us. Challenges that require an immediate response.

En IOCA Group We are convinced of the potential of people, of our people, and that is why we invest in them. We care about providing a pleasant and constructive environment, offering competitive salaries and, especially, offering development opportunities. Both professionally and personally: we know that there is no dilemma, but rather complementarity.

The crisis caused by the pandemic caught us in a bad way. The good results that we obtained in the offline operation prevented us from recognizing the need to enter the incredible online universe. We received a hard blow, very hard, from which it was only possible to rise thanks to our best asset: our people, our employees and clients.

We know that, before workers, the people who collaborate with us are valuable human beings who help us build this dream. We are also aware that the only viable way to fulfill our purpose is to support our human capital, which is the factor that makes us different from, and better than, other options on the market.

In today's competitive and ever-changing world of work, it's not enough to hire good prospects. Organizational success is fundamentally determined by the quality of the people who make it up. For their commitment, their alignment with the values ​​and principles of the company, for its ability to adapt, for its mentality open to change.

At IOCA Group, to respond to the challenges imposed by the market, we have made significant investments in logistics, in digital channels. But, above all, in the most valuable asset: people. What has happened in recent months has taught us that any investment in technology is insufficient if it does not go hand in hand with an investment in human development.

These are the five main fronts on which we focus our investment:

1.- Staff.
We not only want to work with the best, but we are aware that, while they are part of our organization, It is our duty and responsibility to offer them opportunities for professional and personal growth. that they are motivated, that they see options to be better, that they want to grow along with the organization, that they have a real sense of belonging.

2.- Education.
The best professionals, the most coveted in the market, are those who are constantly learning. Not only from your specific area of ​​knowledge, but also from other and new complementary skills that serve to enhance their gifts and talents. Promoting education is an investment that, in the future, will offer an invaluable ROI.

3.- Time.
Learning, the improvement of the human being both professionally and personally, does not happen from one day to the next: it is a process. And as such it requires time, patience, a method. To reap, you must first sow and care. This concept offers us another look: quality time must be guaranteed outside of work, that they live and enjoy life.

4.- Training.
Most of the companies that suffer from customer service problems or because employees are not motivated are those that do not invest in training. A trained, motivated and valued employee is willing to give more, is committed and proactive. Train not only in skills related to their work, but also in soft skills.

 5.- Money.
Companies that are not willing to invest in human capital are doomed to stagnate, to disappear from the market radar. Today, one of the essential items of the annual budget is the money that will be invested in the training of the people of the organization., in projects that allow them to grow. Remember: you reap what you sow.

 At IOCA Group we are proud of our human capital. The people who make up our organization were vital to overcome this trance and move forward. And they are vital for this short-term future, with exciting challenges, with important challenges. We believe that it is the best strategy to face a market that chooses only the best.


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