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For more than 30 years, IOCA Group worked to become number one distributor of high quality products satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. A titanic and exciting task that gave us immense learning and great satisfaction, such as becoming the best distributor in the region, a benchmark in the market.

The path began at the hand of Oakley, the prestigious brand of sports accessories, which was the great teacher who taught us how to advance to the top. It was a wonderful relationship that not only left us with great learning, but also translated into great achievements, satisfaction such as having been chosen 'Best Distributor of the Year' on 15 occasions.

A string of successes that included earning the 'Best Overall Distributor' distinction three years in a row to bring home the most precious trophy: 'The Mine'. We are proud to know that we are the only company in the world that has received this award. An incredible feeling like winning the soccer World Cup or the Formula One World Cup.

At that time, led by its founder Jim Jannard, Oakley established this annual award. Not only sales levels were considered (by country, by category), but also the quality of customer service, the impact of the brand (presence in the media), better displays at points of sale or compliance with guarantees, among others. other factors. A challenge!

The prizes were awarded in different categories: sunglasses, eyeglasses (RX), shoes, textiles, accessories and watches. Winning any of these was already a great achievement, but winning the overall was something destined only for the best of the best. We take on the challenge and happily today "The Mine" rests in our headquarters, a trophy that inspires us every day.

These are some of our awards.


Trust is the basis of our success

Fruit of our work, Companies of the stature of Walmart, Office Depot, Unicomer Group, GoPro or Skullcandy, leaders in their markets, trusted IOCA Group. Together, we managed to overcome goals that seemed unattainable, we improved the user experience and increased quality standards, both in the selection of products and in service.

With all of them we managed to overcome unsuspected limits and meet goals that at first seemed unattainable. We created the method that allowed them to transform their businesses and, best of all, turn the visit to their establishments into a significant, rewarding and unforgettable experience for their customers. And you already know: a satisfied customer buys more and brings more customers.

It was an exciting and productive field work that changed the way of selling, but especially the way of relating to customers. We managed to create powerful brands that positioned themselves above major market benchmarks and they allowed us to mark a path, establish a style. A style that, worth saying, the market welcomed.


We were on the crest of the wave and it was something we enjoyed. However, like everyone, maybe like you too, from one day to the next life changed us. The arrival of COVID-19 was one of the biggest challenges we have faced since our beginnings, but not only was it not able to defeat us, it was also a key turning point in defining who we are now.

We understood that The time had come to transform ourselves, to strengthen ourselves. So, to those that for decades were the pillars of our business (on-site service, local sales...) we add powerful tools, resources and digital strategies.

Now backed by the suite of Microsoft products, we have optimized some key aspects in our organization that allow us to be closer to the client, their needs and aspirations; a more personalized experience and better advice from our consultants.

Furthermore, and this is a very significant step of which we are proud, We leverage two of the most powerful tools that technology provides us: Big data and artificial intelligence (AI). The collection and interpretation of data allows us to know in greater depth the needs of the clients, a differential value that sets the standard in the market and distinguishes the leading companies.


IOCA Group upholds its values ​​and principles, its purpose, its dedication to service, its unwavering conviction to help build a better world and, in particular, to protect the planet and its resources.. We take advantage of the time of confinement to learn, to find other ways to help you, to provide you with more and better solutions.


To be the strategic ally that not only helps you meet the primary objective of selling more, but also to offer your customers unbeatable experiences.


It is your success, the growth of your business, the satisfaction of your customers.

With our method, we are prepared to convert you
in a market benchmark.

We are interested in knowing what we do
and how we can support you.

Below you will find the frequently asked questions that clients ask our consultants.

It is a valuable guide that will allow you to know our portfolio of services and will help you understand how we can help you build that dream of being number one in your sector:

We mainly concentrate on Central America and the Caribbean. We also have presence in Spain, United States and, of course, in Venezuela, where this dream that is was forged IOCAGroup.

The main headquarters of the company is located in Miami USA, where, in addition to our central offices, our main logistics operations center is located.

A strength, and the greatest pride of IOCA GroupIt is your human capital. We have a committed, generous, highly professional business team that, above all, is focused on serving our clients in the task of meeting (and exceeding) their goals. The team is distributed in Venezuela, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama, Spain and the USA.

Our commercial team is made up of strategic consultants, customer success and product hunting prepared to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. Likewise, to guide them in the process of making the most appropriate decisions for their business at all times.

We strive to facilitate the operation of our clients in each country, that is why We make local delivery in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, USA and Spain.

With extensive and proven experience as distributors, in IOCA Group we are prepared to deliver the products where our customers need them. In addition, our foreign trade department specializes in speeding up the required procedures. This gives us the possibility of guaranteeing the delivery of orders within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

We know how much our customers enjoy receiving what they bought, so we do whatever it takes to ensure there is no undue delay. Logistics has always been one of the strengths of IOCAGroup.

In Miami, USA, not only are our headquarters located, but also our largest logistics operations center, From there we manage the requests and requirements of our clients, consolidate the cargo and prepare the orders that are dispatched to the different destinations, while we monitor them.

However, what sets us apart from the competition, what makes us unique, is that We also have a prepared foreign trade team. These people have been trained to carry out the complex task of meeting the import requirements for the entire region and, especially, that the products reach the customer in the shortest possible time.

Claiming a guarantee is something that can become a nightmare. That's why, we manage it entirely, so that you focus on what really matters: your client

Your time is worth gold, we know it and appreciate it. That's why, You will have a personal advisor at your disposal to supervise, streamline and optimize your purchasing processes.

Most of our clients, specialized or multi-sector (department stores), are related to the areas of technology, travel retail, sports or home. But thanks to our 360 approach about the needs of the end customer, we are specialized in identifying multi-sector and niche-specific product suites that enhance cross-selling while increasing satisfaction, resulting in a considerable increase in the amount of the same purchase and a fast and profitable inventory turnover.

One of our greatest prides is to have a portfolio of clients made up not only of well-known brands and leaders in their specialty, but also market leaders. Companies that trust IOCA Group and with whom we have grown hand in hand achieving incredible goals.

Walmart, Sound Safe, Falabella, Siman, Office Depot, Max Stores, Grupo Unicomer, El Duende and Elektra are, among others, the companies that found in IOCA Group the perfect ally to scale your business, improve your results and provide your customers with a better shopping experience. Just as you are, your company can also benefit from our proven and successful method.

At IOCA Group, the client comes first, which is why we understand that your visit to the point of sale must be a memorable experience strategically designed for it.

Our customer experience model leaves nothing to chance. Neuro-selling tools, olfactory marketing, specialized concept corners, subliminal marketing, persuasive copywriting, Artificial Intelligence… what we call Brain Marketing and that is part of our own method, our crown jewel.

We have a high performance virtual campus through which we make available to our clients the most avant-garde techniques of the moment. Our training trains store staff to deal with each sale in a personalized, intelligent and organic way, which facilitates the appropriate connection with each customer from an emotional level. Knowing how to sell the same product to different customer profiles goes beyond showing technical characteristics or listing generic benefits. We put the customer at the center of the equation, which is why we understand that the best way to build customer loyalty is by attending to their needs through personalization.

Yes, we handle both options. One of the keys to the success of IOCA Group is that we believe in people, we trust Latin American talent and we support it with conviction. We trust in the young people of our countries, we believe in their dreams, in their power to build a better world in which it is possible to live in harmony with the environment.

Among the people who are proudly multipliers of the message of IOCA Group there are artists, athletes and entrepreneurs from various activities whose purpose and values ​​fit perfectly with ours

Yes. The advice that the IOCA Group offers its clients covers each and every one of the functions that determine their success. One of them is the preparation of purchase budgets that guarantee the supply of products at all times. In addition, thanks to our powerful analysis tools, such as Big data and artificial intelligence, we are able to provide our clients with absolute control of their inventories. Thus, they will be able to adjust them to the current needs of their clients and, something very important, to the dynamics of the market. No more stagnant products in a warehouse.

Thanks to our Microsoft allies we have the most innovative tools such as Business Central, Sales CRM and Power BI, a powerful data visualization and analysis tool (the great treasure of companies in the XNUMXst century), which together They allow us to carry out effective follow-up and agile monitoring of all the activity of our clients.