Maintaining fluid communication with each and every one of our clients is one of the premises that guides the work we do at IOCA Group.

For us it is very important to have updated the information of our clients.

In today's world, the veracity and reliability of information, both our own and that of our clients, is one of the pillars of successful companies/businesses.

Updating your data will help us to continue offering you our services in an appropriate and organized manner, as well as to have solid and fluid communication.

And for this we ask for your collaboration.

It is very simple:

It is about completing the information corresponding to your company by filling out a form.

What information will you need to fill in? The general one and the one corresponding to each one of the managements by department. It is basic information, but very valuable to us.

you will help us filling out a form and uploading some basic documents related to your company.

Before starting, you will need to have prepared at least the data of the Unique Business Name and/or of each of your stores, as well as the identification and location of each of the points of sale. 

Below we will explain a little more about the process you will follow when filling out the form.

How is the form divided?

The form is divided into 2 phases, the first with General information of your company and the 2a dedicated to specific information of each of the managements of your company. 

Both phases are independent of each other and you will not have to fill them immediately. Once phase one is completed, you will be able to share a link to the representatives of each management so that they themselves fill in the corresponding information and thus be able to conclude phase 2.

Phase 1: General information

Basic information about your Company and its Points of Sale

Phase 2: Managements

Specific information of each one of the managements of your company.

IMPORTANT: Once you have finished filling in each field of Phase 1, we will redirect you to the site where you can continue with Phase 2, before starting, you will have the option to do it yourself or send it to each of those responsible for the corresponding area via WhatsApp or Email.


We need to know the contact information of each Sales Supervisor as well as the Managers of each of the Points of Sale of your Company.

We will also need you to upload one or several documents in Excel, Word or PDF format with the information related to this department.


We would like to know if you have special instructions for dispatch or for sending documentation, as well as information on delivery methods.

We will also need you to upload one or more Excel or Word documents with the information related to delivery methods.


It is important for us to know the contact information of the people responsible for each area (Finance, Accounting, Taxes, CxP)

We will also need you to upload one or more Excel or Word documents with the requested financial information.


Please indicate the internal structure of the Marketing department and the contact details of those responsible for each area. We will also need you to upload your schedule of promotions and activities and the details of your ambassadors or influencers, if you have them.


We would like to know if your company has buyers by category and to know their contact information


Here we request the contact information of those responsible for the Technical Service and Guarantees center.

It's time to fill out the form

Remember, you don't have to complete both phases at once and there is no time limit for filling out the forms, so please take your time, go through and complete each question and section calmly so we can make sure the information you submit is correct.


If you have any questions or complications during the process, contact us via WhatsApp or Support Chat using any of the floating icons that appear at the bottom of your browser window, we will be happy to help you complete the form successfully.