Why wholesale product specialization is the key to success today

Define your niche and decide which product to sell.

There was a time when you could aim at the market, at the bulk of the market, knowing that wherever your arrow landed you were going to hit the target. That time, however, is something of the past, of the last century. Today, what prevails is the segmentation, specialization: now, what the market demands of you is an accurate shot, with surgical precision, that hits the target.

"Those who try to sell everything to everyone, in the end they sell nothing to anyone ". This is a harsh reality that all businesses face today., physical and digital. And it doesn't matter what you sell, whether it's a product or a service, the premise applies equally to both. Therefore, in addition to segmentation and specialization there is talk of customization.

That is why it is so important to ask a series of questions that respond to the needs of your client, in order to decipher:  what product to sell

In the past, in the last century, the client was spoken of, thus, generic. It was conceived that all clients, regardless of age, education, economic capacity or experiences were equal. Perhaps one of the few differentiations arose from gender: masculine or feminine. Those were the established rules and that's how it worked for a long time, decades. However, it has already changed.

It was not a change that happened overnight. Rather, it was something like a slow awakening. Why? Because the consumer of the past had to come out of his lethargy, his state of hibernation, and discover (learn) that he was now the center of attention. A disruptive change, but wonderful. A change that also meant a new marketing.

From registering only economic transactions (a product/service is sold in exchange for money), we have entered a new era: that of relaciones. we can no longer talk about the clients, in general, as if they were all the same, but we speak of the also information (only one). And not just any one, but the ideal client, which is different from the others and they need to feel único.

And, of course, there are various types of clients. To the point that it was necessary to establish categories that group people according to the year in which they were born.. However, they are age groups that also have important points in common on issues such as religion, ideology, use of technology, hobbies (sports), economic habits and other factors.

It is agreed that there are four large groups: baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Each one offers particular characteristics that not only identify it, but also differentiate it from the others.. A categorization that became the starting point for the segmentation as well as the customization of marketing strategies.

The baby boomers are people born between 1946 and 1964, also known as the children of the Second World War or the analog generation. Its name comes from the campaigns to increase the birth rate carried out after the war. They are today's older adults, people between the ages of 57 and 75, our parents and grandparents.

La Generation X o digital migrants is represented by the youth of the 80s, those who were born between 1965 and 1979. Also known as the Peter Pan Generation, because these people were born in a world very similar to that of the BB, but they grew up in one where technology was already an important part of life and they experienced drastic changes.

The Millennials o Generation Y includes people born between 1980 and 2000. They are the digital natives, because they came into the world or lived their childhood and adolescence in that period in which the world changed thanks to the technological revolution. They are the largest consumer market today, with a great affinity for technology and all its benefits.

Finally, there is la Generation Z o centennials, super digital o technodependent, who were born in this XNUMXst century. self-taught, those who do not conceive the simple activities of life without a digital device and who conceive the world in which their parents were born as the age of caves (dinosaurs). They are proactive, independent and do not tie brands.

A new scene

In this new scenario, which resembles a patchwork quilt, companies and businesses, Regardless of the size or whether we are on or off the Internet, whether we sell a product or a service, we have had to adapt. Learn what these customers are like according to their age group and adapt their customs to be able to offer them what they want.

In the past, in the last century, the strength of companies was to offer a wide variety of products, Under the premise “everything like in a pharmacy” or what in some of our countries is known as “miscellaneous shop”. Today, on the contrary, we talk about warehouses (brands) Specialty. And the larger the specializationMuch better.

Remember: the current client wants to feel in the center of attention, they want you to make them feel special and, therefore, they demand specialization. What it means, in simple words, that you know what their tastes and needs are and that you are able to satisfy them with high-quality products and/or services. And something important: that you can have easy access to them.

Why? Because the daily routine of the modern world is frenetic and there is little time, because we are subjected to an incessant bombardment of offers and news and because now there is much to choose from. Also, price and quality are taken for granted and what prevails when choosing what to buy is the combination of benefits y quality of experience Purchase.

Therefore, at IOCA Group we have developed a method that allows us to offer our clients professional advice Custom, BRAND, through business consultants, who will guide you to know what product to sell . They are trained experts to help you identify your ideal client and, more importantly, to establish which products fit your profile (tastes, needs and economic capacity).

If your business (or company) is, continues to be, one of many that sells “everything like in a pharmacy”a “miscellaneous shop”, you are doomed to disappear. You will do it because you are going to run out of clients, because the clients of the XNUMXst century have other habits, needs that you will not be able to satisfy. Also, because the good competition grows every day.


In a modern world in which recurrence it's not a question of faithfulness, but of satisfaction (solution + experience), only businesses that offer a suite of products based on the specialization will be chosen by the market. This is a premise that applies to all types of products or services, to all types of companies, because the also information today is exclusive NEROX.

With us you will learn the secrets of the strategy that will allow you to sell more without doing much more. You will be able to make that old wish come true that your business enters more good customers, of those who do buy, and fewer visitors (of those who only go to look). If you do not adapt to these new conditions, you will become another species, one more, on the way to extinction.

Now tell us, do you have in mind what product to sell?

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