Skullcandy wireless headphones and you, with your passions, are the ideal couple!

Do you know what is the first manifestation of freedom that human beings experience? When, just seconds after leaving the mother's womb, the umbilical cord is cut. From there, it is one, it is autonomous, it is free! The irony is that we are so small, so fragile, so overwhelmed by getting out of that placid comfort zone, that we don't realize it. 

One of the wonders of the technological revolution that took place since the 80s, long before the irruption of the internet in our lives, was the possibility of having what we called peripheral devices. Printers, external drives, cd/dvd drives, displays, monitors, mice, keyboards or speakers. Later, phones, cameras, led lights and more. 

All this, connected to a computer, a pc or a laptop. Do you remember that experience? Meters of cables tangled, intertwined, tightening, disconnecting, turning the workplace into a jungle. The worst thing was that there were devices that required us to use at least two, sometimes three: current, connection to the computer and the printer

In fact, with some of these wonderful devices it is. Although computers have fewer and fewer ports, cables are still needed. There is no way to eliminate us. Not on some devices, as other cables have emerged: HDMI or game console, for example. Cables that are the umbilical cord of technology. 

And so on. Each new device that technology offered us, with great features, came with its cable, with its umbilical cord. A nightmare! Fortunately, the incredible technological revolution evolves at a rapid pace and now most of the devices come without the umbilical cord. How is it possible? Thanks to wireless technology. 

Do you know what is unusual? That wireless technology came way before all these wonderful devices, way before the internet. Did you know? The first wireless communication device was called a photophone and was created in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell and Summer Tainter. It allowed the transmission of sound by means of an emission of light. 

A few years later, in 1888, it was the German physicist Rudolf Hertz who made the magic to transmit wirelessly with electromagnetic waves. As it did? By means of an oscillator that he used as a transmitter and a resonator that served as a receiver. Six years later, radio waves were already a means of communication. He miracle wireless was accomplished

From then on, progress followed one after the other. In 1899, Guillermo Marconi established wireless communications at the ends of the English Channel., between Dover (England) and Wilmereux (France). A decade later, messages that crossed the Atlantic were commonplace and in World War II this technology made notable advances. 

A Little History 

Closer in time, in 1971, a group of researchers from the University of Hawaii created Aloha. whatWhat was it? In simple words, the first wireless network, made up of seven computers installed on different islands and controlled by a central computer. A year later, Aloha was connected to the Arpanet, the precursor network of what is now the Internet. 

Until we reach the end of the last century, when Nokia and Symbol Technologies, two heavyweights in technology, created the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), which later became known as the Wi-Fi Alliance (wireless fidelity). It was the necessary step to promote the development of wireless technology and, especially, the compatibility of equipment

And so we land in the present. A hyper-connected present through powerful wireless networks, with devices capable of linking with other similar ones, either by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A wonderful technology that, although it provides us with great services, is still in development, in permanent evolution, and will offer us more and more wireless devices. 

Which are now the standard. The cables? They still exist and will do so for a long time, at least those of electric power. And the others? They disappear little by little, thanks to the benefits of wireless connections. That not only allowed us to cut the umbilical cord of most cables, but also gives us the possibility of living more satisfying experiences. 

Some devices that have experienced this transformation, that have managed to cut the umbilical cord of the cables, are hearing aids. Although wired models still abound, wireless ones are becoming more common and popular. Besides, since they are versatile and useful in various activities, in the modern world they also denote a lifestyle

And the best, do you know what is the best? That there is a wide variety of brands specialized in these devices. Brands focused on identifying user needs and fully satisfying them through a unique experience. One of them is Skullcandy, based in Park City, Utah, but whose products crossed borders and became global. 

Like so many great inventions, Skullcandy headphones were the product of chance. In the middle of a transfer chair lift to practice snowboard, Rick Alden got a call. And he couldn't take care of her, because while trying to get out of the gloves and dealing with the wired headset and other ski gear, the call hung up. 

That happened at the beginning of the 2000s and today, two decades later, more and more users are choosing this brand to live unforgettable experiences. That, it is worth emphasizing, goes far beyond listening to your favorite music when exercising in the gym, going for a walk or riding a bike, to watch videos on the internet or, even, to work. 

For better or worse, the dynamics of the modern world have made lonely humans. The roles that society imposes on us, the hectic daily routine and the distances we travel between work and home force us to be alone for a long time.. That is precisely why digital devices have become the best company. 

And among them, hearing aids occupy a privileged place. Especially those who, like Skullcandy products offer a multitude of benefits derived from their powerful features. The first of them? There is a wide variety of hands-free models, that is, without cables so that you can freely enjoy the experience while doing other tasks. 

A good part of the buyers of Skullcandy products are practitioners of the running, a discipline with millions of followers around the world. Beyond a routine that helps to take care of health, it is a valuable time with themselves. These headphones, the way they were designed, are ideal: they don't fall out, they isolate external noise and they provide great quality.

Skullcandy products are also increasingly being chosen by those who go to the gym to get in shape. It is another solitary activity that we have learned and that demands the maximum of our energy, of our concentration. The experience of 'disconnecting' from the world and connecting with yourself, to bring out the best in yourself, is more enjoyable with these headphones.  

Now If you are one of those who travels by public transport, to the workplace, to the university or to the shopping center, the best company is the Skullcandy headphones. For the fidelity of the sound, for the hands-free hands that allow you absolute freedom and, also, because they allow you to listen to your music or, with a single touch, answer a call on your phone. 

Conclusion /

Yes, the perfect solution to the problem Rick Alden faced in that chair while skiing to the top of the mountain. The best, you know what is the best? That the limits are imposed by you. In other words, Skullcandy headphones are your best company at all times., in any activity you do, be it leisure, work, sport. You and Skullcandy are the ideal couple! 

Life, as the song says, "it's a little while". The premise is to take advantage of every day that life gives you, every moment, in connection with yourself, with your passions and hobbies, especially with music.. Choose the model that you like the most, the one that best suits your needs, and get ready to enjoy an unparalleled, unique experience every time you use them. 

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