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“Don't believe what people say; they believe in the message that their actions and decisions convey”. This is a phrase that is found on the internet and that serves to understand what is the north of companies and businesses in current marketing, in the XNUMXst century. And this last reference is not capricious, because sadly many are still stuck in the past.

Yes, in the last century. And they use the techniques and strategies that, back in the 80s and 90s, worked. However, those were other times, they were other consumers, it was another market. They were before the internet, when there was little competition, when we were not talking about globalization, when consumer habits were predictable with great precision.

Actually, There were only two factors that determined the sale: the price, that is, if the potential client had the required money, and the quality of the product, that is, if it complied with the minimum established standards. Nothing more. It was a rational decision driven by the aggressive advertising campaigns that we saw in the press, on television or also on the streets.

In the mid-90s, however, the irruption of the internet not only changed our lives, but also the way of doing business and, especially, the way of consuming. The habits of the past no longer worked and we had to learn new ones, as well as develop some basic skills to take advantage of the powerful tools that technology put at our fingertips.

Classics are the stories of thousands of famous and well-known companies that became extinct because they did not know how to adapt to the new market conditions, to the new consumers. Or that, worse yet, they underestimated this new scenario and continued as if nothing had happened, anchored in the past, in the last century. These digital dinosaurs They became extinct.

Now, practically everything we want is just a few clicks away. Although the point of origin of that product or service is thousands of kilometers away, on the other side of the world. All you need is a device connected to the internet, a Wi-Fi connection and a credit card with enough space. After a few days, your purchase will arrive at your home.

Or, eventually, you will be able to access immediately, if it is a course, for example. Either you will be able to make a download or you will have the possibility to consult the content without restrictions. Or so as it happened during the most difficult moments of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, you will be in consultation with your doctor through the internet, or you will buy the market, or you will order food at home.

Changes, everything changes

today, like never, the sale is the answer to a emotional drive. We buy because in our brain a emotional alarm that we can't control and then we appeal to reason to justify it. "I deserved it", “I was looking for it for months” o “I work so hard to please myself”, we say. However, the underlying issue is more complex than it seems.

Why? Because to get your potential customer to buy what you offer, it is no longer enough to impact your emotions. Why? Because today's customer is more educated, because they have a lot of information and, especially, because they learn from past experiences and what other buyers say about the product/company.

Today, the use of powerful and effective tools such as el BrainMarketing, an innovative concept that combines advanced neurosales techniques with an unforgettable interactive experience that will make that person choose you over and over again, and another one. Today, people do not buy products or services: in fact, they buy good experiences.

Harness the power of your customer's mind!

That is exactly why brand loyalty, which was one of the main characteristics of consumers in the past, ceased to exist. Today, buyers choose what, at that particular moment, seems to them the best option. They are ready to get to know other brands if they not only provide them with what they want/need, but if they are aligned with their ideals.

Well then, Factors such as the principles, values ​​and beliefs of the consumer are crucial when making a decision. The purpose of the brand, their position regarding the most pressing social realities (human rights, respect for basic rights or the environment) influence the purchase. If it is opposite to yours, you remove that mark from your life.

It is no longer just about offering good products, competitive price and good quality. The market, you surely know, is full of good products/services, of good quality that are sold at competitive prices.. And the consumer, in addition to being more educated and better informed, is no longer naive because he knows that he is the one who has the power of decision.

That is exactly why sell It is no longer what it used to be in the past, in the last century. Not only must you know your potential client very well, but you must have the information that allows you to predict their future behavior. That's what the brain marketing, to enter the brain of your prospect, discover how he reacts and then give him what he wants.

In simple words, neuromarketing is the science that, based on a scientific study, allows us to determine the techniques to optimize the conversion of prospects thanks to a greater and deeper knowledge of consumer behavior in the purchase process. Ultimately, it is used to condition a specific response from the prospect.

That is to say, if we know what the effect will be, we just have to put into action the trigger of that emotion, of that response. It is conceived that the purchase decision arises within a few seconds (5-10) of receiving the stimulus, at which time emotions and other behavioral indicators such as beliefs, habits and knowledge are activated.

En IOCA Group, in its intention to provide its clients with the best possible advice so that their actions and strategies translate into more sales and the full satisfaction of its clients, We developed a methodology brain marketing. And something else, very important: we guide you to design a unique and pleasant shopping experience that your customers will fall in love with..

The first purchase only guarantees you a sale. Nevertheless, What guarantees you a long-term customer is the quality of the experience that you can offer them in your business, either in the store or on digital channels (web, social networks, E-commerce). Quality that is determined by the results of all the interactions carried out throughout the process.

In the past, in the last century, there was a formula that allowed you to maintain a good flow of sales. With the advent of the internet, the explosion of competition and the empowerment of customers, the landscape changed radically. Today, the market leaders are the ones that are able to properly collect and interpret the information related to the behavior of their customers.


La transactional sale, as we conceived it in the past, no longer exists. Now, what prevails is the relational experience, the exchange of benefits. An relationship which is only possible to the extent that you really know what the interests and needs of your customers are and put into practice the appropriate strategies for the purchase process will be satisfactory.

This means not only closing the sale, but especially that this particular relationship, this interaction, has been as pleasant and positive as possible. Only in this way will you ensure that, the next time that person seeks to meet a similar need, they think of you as the first option or, perhaps, as the only one.. If you use the brain marketing, this choice will be simpler.

“Don't believe what people say; they believe in the message that their actions and decisions convey”. That is precisely what neuromarketing is all about, leveraged on powerful tools such as Big data and artificial intelligence, which at IOCA Group are within your reach.. Like on the piano, if you know which key to play, the melody you will hear will be fascinating...

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