The video game, from home hobby to multi-billion dollar industry

The evolution of this activity has been such that there are now professional leagues and being a 'gamer' is a highly valued job.

There was a time, which today seems distant in memory, in which children dreamed of being firefighters, police officers, airplane pilots, doctors or superheroes, mainly. All trades related to service to others, to helping others fulfill their dreams or, a little deeper, to save the world or, at least, to do something better.

They were different times, with a world very different from the current one. In fact, we are referring to the last decades of the last century, when the planet lived the emotion of the arrival of man on the Moon (superheroes), when uncertainty reigned due to the Cold War between the US and the extinct USSR and when the world was a multitude of unconnected villages.

Today, you know, we live in a very different scenario. Especially, because it is a hyperconnected world in which technology has arrived to transform our lives in multiple ways. One of them, the disappearance (or the radical transformation) of trades that were important in the past and the creation of new roles in all fields of life.

In those years, we children were very happy with very little. A soccer ball, a doll, some parlor game, or a bicycle (the kind that had extra wheels on the back to help us balance). Or, simply, meet with the brothers, with the neighbors or with the cousins ​​to run and laugh for hours. We were very happy!

Times have changed, however. Balls, dolls and bicycles are objects that invoke nostalgia. Also, the idea of ​​being policemen, doctors, firefighters or superheroes does not cross the minds of today's children. Some still dream of being airplane pilots, but most want to be a soccer player, entrepreneur, an influencer o gamer.

Soccer is an industry that moves billions of dollars, figures that are difficult to pronounce and measure. Astronomical numbers that, of course, excite those who see in players like Lio Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and coaches like Carlo Ancelotti or Diego Simeone the dream of a life full of luxuries come true.

The idea of ​​being an entrepreneur an influencer o gamerMeanwhile, it arises from the influence of the internet in our lives. Since the traditional labor model has been in crisis for some time, the new generations of young people do not see it as a viable life plan. On the other hand, on the internet, the universe of opportunities, they have found new options.

The dream of being an entrepreneur is based on the model starring Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Also, in the idea of ​​having the freedom to work from anywhere, to dedicate yourself to what you are really passionate about and, based on your knowledge, not only earn money, but also help others, contribute to creating a better world.

That, however, is a path that for some is tortuous, complex and slow. The truth is that the life of an entrepreneur is not easy, especially in Latin American countries where you have to overcome a thousand and one obstacles and difficulties. Furthermore, it is an uncertain path, a roller coaster with constant ups and downs, in which success is not guaranteed.

the fashion of being an influencer It emerged a few years ago when brands began to use well-known figures to promote their brands, something that has always been done, now on digital channels. The possibility of reaching new and massive audiences became, then, a multimillion-dollar business that is as lucrative as it is questioned.

Because? Because the network, especially social networks, were filled with influencers, many of which are really disappointing. To be successful in this trade, moreover, knowledge is not required; it is enough to develop a few skills, a small dose of talent and create a style that will appeal to a segment of the public. That easy!

Meanwhile, the hobby for video games is not new. Actually, it has been with us for several decades, more or less since the 80s. It started as a hobby for young people at home, but over time it has become an activity for adults and a multi-billion dollar industry as well. with listed stars and millions of followers.

The evolution of video games has been such that a long time ago they left behind that of being just home entertainment and became a profession. Did you know? There are professional leagues, such as soccer, basketball, or golf, that bring together a huge number of companies, developers, organizers, competitions, teams, players, and fans.

In the past, the most you could hope for was to be the best in your neighborhood in the Arcade machines or the one who had played the most games without losing FIFA among your group of friends. However, it was unimaginable that someone dedicated himself to playing video games professionally, something like a virtual version of Lionel Messi and company.

The advancement of technology provided the fertile ground for the development of this lucrative industry. It went from the mini-network of four computers connected to online games in which more players could participate. The rankings became global, the tournaments were better organized, the sponsors appeared and everything was crazy.

One of the curiosities of the industry is that, although it may seem surprising to those unfamiliar with the subject, people don't just like to play video games; Also, watch others playing. The consultancy Newzoo estimates that in the world there are 1.955 million people who know the eSports, of which 223 million are true enthusiasts.

The demonstration that this is much more than a game is offered by the final of the League of Legends World Cup –one of the main electronic sports–, which registered a peak audience of 73 million simultaneous viewers in the world in streaming. These figures are close to the data for viewers of the last Super Bowl (with 95 million).

From evolution to revolution

Beyond money and a passion for entertainment, what has caused this explosion in the entertainment industry? Gaming? While traditional games functioned as a simple competition based on specific rules, video games include new narrative tools, something that previously only appeared in role-playing games.

And, an important incentive, the video game requires the interaction of the player to advance throughout it. In the past, in the last century, video games were designed with 2D flat and linear graphics; Today, however, they have evolved into incredible 3D effects that recreate scenes more typical of a Hollywood blockbuster than of a game.

Looks magic, but it is not: it is about two innovative concepts, virtual reality and augmented reality. Do you know what they consist of? Virtual reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. It uses 3D and 360-degree images to capture space and depth similar to how human eyes do.

In other words, VR takes an image of the real world and recreates it in a simulated environment, giving the player the chance to enjoy an immersive experience. Virtual reality is often experienced through an interface, such as a headset or glasses, also headphones, rather than watching content on a screen.

Augmented reality (AR), meanwhile, is the use of computer technology to enhance the physical world by adding layers of digital information onto it. Unlike VR, AR does not create an artificial environment to replace reality. AR appears in direct view of an existing environment and adds sounds, video and graphics to it, just like the game Pokémon Go.

Today, there are home furnishings stores using augmented reality-based apps to let shoppers see how a specific piece of furniture would look in their own home. Undoubtedly, a wonderful help for the buyer who can visualize his space with the furniture and make the best decision according to his needs.

According to the United Nations (UN), "The game allows the expression of positive emotions and the opportunity to channel and control the negative ones". It has been established that the game is a mirror both of society and of man himself, hence it must be taken for what it is, a serious cultural manifestation.

Video games are used to communicate ideas and to learn historical, social and cultural topics that we are not used to. For this reason, the themes of some games are war, natural tragedies and, recently, pandemics. A creative activity to which we dedicate more and more time and, therefore, requires us to do it carefully.

Some recommendations are as follows:

1.- Specialists recommend creating a new email, exclusively for registration in video games and not include any personal data

2.- Experts advise creating a new and secure password for the registration email and video games, which must be different from those we use in other digital environments.

3.- It is advisable to use a virtual wallet such as PayPal, with an exclusive account for digital entertainment or purchase cards to spend in specific video game ecosystems

4.- Only connect to trusted networks, especially when playing on mobile. Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks puts user privacy at risk

5.- Always closing the session is a healthy habit for your security in the digital environment. And don't forget to delete temporary files, browsing history and 'cookies'

6.- Download games from official stores, because if you do it from unknown websites you may be exposed to malware since our personal information is stolen

7.- If your children are fond of video games, it is recommended that you activate a parental control app that some video games already include by default

8.- Maintain proper posture and use ergonomic chairs. Likewise, take active breaks of 15 minutes every 45, in order to avoid possible injuries.

9.- Choose quality devices (headphones, headphones, glasses and others) that not only allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest, but also do not affect your health
We put at your disposal our specialized products:
- The Backbone controllers, compatible with all platforms

- The skullcandy headphones, with custom designs and amazing features

- The gunnar glasses, high technology to reduce digital eyestrain

10.- Live and enjoy life. Do not forget other important activities, such as spending time with your family, playing sports or appreciating nature

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